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Sell All or Part of Your Dental Practice for More than You Imagined

Why Sell All of Your Practice When You Could Sell Only Part?


Values of large dental and specialty practices are at an all-time high. Many doctors are wrestling with whether to sell now, at what could be the peak of a market, or wait for even higher valuations on their growing practices? It might feel good to ensure their financial future, but they miss the fat annual income and profits.

Younger doctors with growing practices and long, productive careers ahead might be interested in taking some “chips off the table” at a valuation peak. It would be attractive to eliminate debt and risk. But most believe they can increase value through continued growth. So why sell now? It is a tough question and decision; but there are options.

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What is EBITDA?

Who are the Buyers and Why?

The Doctor Matters

The Advisor Matters

Which Practices Achieve the Highest Values?

Practice Transaction Structures

Why Sell Now

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