Cash Now, Greater Wealth Later.

We help Implant-Focused Practices find the right IDSO Partnership

Thousands of dentists of all specialties partnered with Invisible Dental Support Organizations (IDSO) in 2022. Many new implant-focused IDSOs are buying 51% to 90% of practices for cash up front at record values with doctors continuing to lead their practices under the doctor’s brand, team, and strategy for years or decades.

Doctor’s benefit from the resources of a large, silent partner to grow bigger, faster, more profitably and with fewer headaches.

You got us $8,000,000 more than we thought possible. – Dr M, Oral Surgeon, Western US

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Chip Fichtner

Chip Fichtner is the Co-Founder of LPS which completed $612 million of practice transactions in 2022 with 31 IDSOs for clients in 29 states. He has built, bought and sold multiple companies, both public and private, in a variety of industries for 40+ years. He has been featured in numerous media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and CNBC. His tolerant wife of 32 years allows him to live on airplanes visiting clients every week.