Case Studies

General Dental Clinics

The Ambitious Dentist in Missouri

A 42 year old doctor in a Midwest county of 20,000 wanted to accelerate his practice growth by purchasing competitors. He sold 60% of his practice for $3.0 million in cash to an IDSO partner that wanted to expand their presence in the region. Beyond their initial buy-in, the IDSO opened their wallet and provided capital and management support to help our client meet their goal to expand.

Two years later, he now has four offices.  His practice has tripled its collections.  And he owns 40% of the much larger practice, which is worth much more than his own practice.

The Older Dentist in California

An older doctor with one of the larger dental practices in Orange County had a three-year horizon for an exit. We partnered him with one of the largest IDSOs in the country at an exceptional value that exceeded what could be expected in a doctor-to-doctor practice sale.

The IDSO brought value by finding a successor and the dentist retained equity that will last beyond his participation in the practice.

Orthodontic Practices

We Beat the DIY Offer by 123%

An orthodontist in Florida came to us about to sign a $19 million dollar offer from a solid IDSO.  We had just helped partner multiple practices with this IDSO in the past 90 days, and we knew they would pay more.  But we also knew that with the proper bidding contest, he could get at least 2x that value.

LPS created a 10 bidder contest among the ortho only and Dental Trifecta IDSOs. He closed at $42.5 million with 90% in cash. The $19 million dollar bidder came up to $30 million in the first round and did not make the second.

We Helped Create a Buyer for this Orthondist in California

A fifty year old doctor had an amazing practice and was looking for a partnership.  The five office practice had long term associates and a 20% annual growth rate, even during COVID. We did not like the offers we were achieving for him – the practice could be worth a lot more to the right buyer.

We searched the market and found four other orthodontists in the region who were also interested in an IDSO partnership.  Then we reached out to a Private Equity firm with previous Dental IDSO experience and convinced them to use these clients as the platform for a new Dental Trifecta in three states. Doctors all achieved values of 25% above what they were worth individually.

Pediatric Dental Practices

The Young Pediatric Dentist with a  Bright Future

A young doctor practicing in Tennessee had negotiated an $8.0 million dollar offer from a great Dental Trifecta IDSO looking to expand in the area. We told him we could get him at least $3.0 million more based on our past deals.  We did!

We Helped Create a Buyer for this Orthondist in California

Very large pediatric practice was impacted heavily by COVID. We partnered them with an IDSO owner of ten nearby ortho practices at 24x EBITDA. The IDSO was eager to gain a pediatric partner to foster new ortho cases.  Internal growth rates of both the ortho and pedo increased more than 20% in 2021.

Six months later, we sold the two largest OMS practices in the state to the same group. We ended up bringing 48 LPS clients in the state to this IDSO, creating one of the larger dental practices in the state.


The Two Doctor Practice in Georgia

A two doctor Endo practice had an offer in hand from an Endo only group.  The practice owner really liked this DSO and  really wanted to partner with them.  We knew that without exploring more options, he didn’t have a chance to find their best partner.  And we knew without a bidding contest they wouldn’t realize a fair value for part of their practice.   So we convinced them to take a broader look and investigate several great IDSOs looking for new partnerships.

LPS created a six bidder contest to buy into this practice.  We were especially proud of the fact that the two multispecialty groups we brought in were the high bidders. The doctor got $2.0 million more, net of the LPS fee, from the group he wanted originally.  We paid for ourselves many times over.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Practices

$100 Million in Equity Upside for Two Doctors in Florida

The two doctor owners focused on All-on-X cases were growing at 20% per year. The practice was a large marketer and had professional management. We felt it was perfect to become the platform for a new, national implant focused IDSO and saw significant equity upside in their future.

We introduced them to nine bidders: OMS Only, Multi-specialty and Dental Trifectas. At the end of the bidding, we helped an investor we knew well start a brand new IDSO using our clients as the platform. They are projected to make $100 million more in the next three years, thanks to their new IDSO partner and equity position.

Two Doctors in North Carolina Were Considering Retirement

A two doctor practice with doctors about 60 thought they were nearing the end of the game.  They figured it was best to sell 80%  of their practice for cash and keep 20% in equity.

We introduced them to an IDSO that offered significant equity upside.  Seeing the potential to create generational wealth for their family, they decided on a 51/49% deal. We expect them to earn an extra $25 million in the next three years, vs their original plan to cash out and retire.


No Earnout?  Then No Deal!

Great doctors in South Carolina had negotiated their own partnership and were ready to sign a deal with a newer IDSO. Their deal had no earnout and was below market value. We not only negotiated for a $2 million earnout, we also got the IDSO to pay a higher value for the practice

A Dentist in Texas Had No Succession Options

A doctor nearing retirement had a great practice, but no Associate working with him.  Recruiting was a challenge and it was difficult to grow without another doctor in the practice.

We have a strong track record working with a particular large IDSO.  At that point we had placed nearly a dozen practices with them.  We knew that they had 10+ GP practices surrounding our client.  And they happened to know a young Perio who could succeed our client when it was time to retire.  They were a fantastic fit for each other. 

Thanks to this new IDSO partnership, referrals and onboarding an Associate helped his practice grow 25% in the first year.

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