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Sell All or Part of Your Dental Practice for More than You Imagined


Sell All or Part of Your Practice; Let a Partner Finance New Growth

Today’s environment offers you many choices in transaction structures. Certainly, you can sell 100% of your practice for cash. However, many doctors are opting for other structures in which they sell part of their practice for cash and retain an ownership interest in their practice. Doctors can get millions in cash to secure their financial future and a partner to finance expansion and assist in growth.

The values of all types of dental practices have never been higher; for the right practices. We do not expect the current extraordinary valuations to last; the timing is NOW.

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Practice Sales Specialists

Large Practice Sales (LPS) helps dentists, dental specialists, orthodontists and pedodontists sell their practices for far more than typical “transition advisors.” We focus exclusively on the sale of practices with $500,000+ in annual earnings, (EBITDA) not collections. We do not provide consulting, valuations, associate searches or any other ancillary service. We exclusively sell large practices, primarily to Private Equity backed buyers.

Principals Helping Doctors

As principals, we have bought and sold dozens of businesses over the last 30+ years including those in the dental industry. Members of our team have owned and/or operated large practices. As your advisor, we put on our “principal hats” and help doctors realize the highest value (CASH) for their practices. Your practice may be worth more than you think to a specific buyer, at the right moment in time, if you choose LPS.

Money Where Our Mouth Is

Our compensation is based solely upon the sale proceeds achieved by our clients. There are no retainers or expense charges. No fees are ever paid to us by buyers. Our only compensation is tied directly to the successful completion of the sale of your practice; we get paid when you get paid. Therefore, we are very selective in the clients with which we choose to engage.

We GUARANTEE Two Things:

    1. We have the highest success fees
    2. After our fee, you will get the highest net proceeds possible from any advisor.

Nothing to Lose By Talking

We are not a fit for every practice, doctor or seller. But if you are serious about selling your large practice now, please call us to arrange a confidential discussion about the potential value of your practice at 844-976-5332. Or email

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