Larger Dental Practices Monetized

LPS has completed over $500,000,000 of transactions in which our client dentists of all specialties have sold between 51% and 90% of their practice to a silent partner, an Invisible Dental Support Organization (IDSO).

  • LPS is NOT paid by buyers
  • LPS is NOT paid unless a transaction completes.

Larger Dental Practices Monetized

Dentists of All Specialties Chose LPS for over
$500,000,000 of 2021 transactions with Invisible Dental Support Organizations

Call us to confidentially learn what PART of your practice could be worth to a silent partner.

What is Your Practice REALLY Worth?

LPS Consistently Achieves the Highest Values for Clients Nationally.

With LPS:

– Doctors receive cash up front at today’s low long term capital gains tax rates and continue to lead their practices as owners with their team, brand and strategy for years or decades

– Doctors benefit from the resources of a powerful partner and potentially significant upside in the value of their retained ownership, sometimes exceeding 3X, 5X and even 20X the initial value of their practice.

Cash Now,Wealth Later

LPS helps dentists of all specialties monetize a part of their practice for cash at today’s low tax rates with silent partners. Doctors retain ownership and continue to lead their practice under their brand team and strategy for years or decades. Doctors diversify their largest investment, their practice, and have potentially large upside gains in their retained ownership.

Practice Dentistry,
Not Paperwork

Many dentists enjoy the clinical aspects of owning a practice but do not necessarily enjoy the business and administrative functions. Having a silent partner who is competent at taking over administration — accounting, human resources, etc. — allows doctors to solely focus on patient care.

A silent partner allows doctors the freedom to make their own independent clinical decisions without dictating the level of care. The benefit to these doctors is that they can leverage their partner’s business expertise and extensive resources for continued growth while continuing to control the clinical side.

Doctors of All Ages Accelerate Practice Growth

LPS has completed over $100,000,000 of transactions for doctors under 45 in the last year. An IDSO partnership is not a short term exit, but rather a long term wealth building partnership. Your new partner can provide capital and expertise to assist you in expansion, new offices or acquisitions. They can also help you market more effectively, operate more efficiently and receive new patient referrals from other practices they may own now or in the future. Every transaction is structured to meet your personal goals.

Dental Mergers & Acquisitions:
Cashing Out Before Retirement.

Read about the trends in the Invisible DSO Marketplace.

You may be thinking, "Can't I do this myself?"​

No. Not like we can.

We create bidding contests between potential partners to increase your value and give you more options to choose from for your future partner.

We will get more money for your practice and help you negotiate for the things that are important to you.

We handle your business with care and respect. We are truly a "white-glove" service.

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We Only Work
With the Best

We'll be the first to admit that we don't work with just anyone. This goes for private practices as well as the IDSOs. We provide exclusive, white-glove services. See if you qualify.

Confidentiality is Top Priority

We understand that your practice is your baby. Confidentiality throughout this process is of the utmost importance to us, as we are sure it is to you. Learn more about our process.

Financial Security Now and Years from now

At some point, you will want to monetize your life’s work; your dental practice. Whether that time is now or in the distant future, it will pay to start thinking about it today rather than tomorrow.

If you’ve never heard of an IDSO, you’re not alone. It’s a term we’ve actually trademarked, and it stands for “Invisible DSO.” An IDSO is a silent (invisible) partner with an existing private dental practice. The best part is that the dentist gets cash up front at today’s low long term capital gains tax rates for a percentage of their practice and and retains equity which increases as the practice and the partner grows over five, ten or 20+ years.

Let Chip Fichtner explain it to you!

Want to know more about IDSOs?

Why LPS?

Principals Helping Doctors

As principals, we have bought and sold dozens of businesses over the last 30+ years including those in the dental industry. Members of our team have owned and/or operated large practices. As your advisor, we put on our “principal hats” and help doctors realize the highest value (CASH) for their practices. Your practice may be worth more than you think to a specific buyer, at the right moment in time, if you choose LPS.

Money Where Our
Mouth is

Our compensation is based solely upon the sale proceeds achieved by our clients. There are no retainers or expense charges. No fees are ever paid to us by buyers. Our only compensation is tied directly to the successful completion of the sale of your practice; we get paid when you get paid. LPS has the lowest NET fees in the industry due to the higher values we achieve for our clients than any other advisor.

On-Going Education for the industry

You may or may not be ready to partner with an IDSO today, but ultimately you need a short- or long-term exit strategy. Smart doctors are always weighing the risks, taxes and growth opportunities with an IDSO partner. LPS helps doctors at any phase of their careers understand the pros and cons of an IDSO partnership. As the largest advisor to great dentists in the U.S. we are also a trusted source of intelligence and new partnerships for both existing IDSOs and newly formed IDSOs. LPS’ size and national coverage gives us an edge in knowledge of new opportunities for our clients.

What are You Waiting for?

Common Questions

What is My Practice Worth Today?

While there is no stock answer, it is an easy and NO COST process to discover the value of your practice today through LPS. Values are impacted by the size and type of practice, growth rate, location, timing and most importantly the doctor and his/her future goals. Values are also variable depending upon whether a doctor seeks to sell all or only part of their practice. Each buyer has different and changing objectives which may include significant consideration based upon future earnings. (See Doctor Matters Memo)

We handle both types of transactions, but most of our clients have an average age of under 50. They are not ready to retire but are interested in monetizing a part of their life’s work in the current value bubble to secure their future. These doctors are interested in gaining a silent partner to accelerate their practice growth without personal risk, but with continued upside via retained equity ownership. With the right partner, their retained equity grows in value for a second liquidation event down the road but locked in at today’s high values. (See DSO Benefits Memo)

You Seem to Advocate a Sale of Only Part of My Practice Now. Why?

Under What Brand Will My Practice Operate?

The primary groups LPS works with are IDSOs which value the local brand and goodwill of the doctor. Their goal is that the community has no idea that the new partner exists. Other, buyers, typically in 100% transactions, believe their nationally consistent brand is most valuable. (See Invisible DSO Memo)

Let us help you. We GUARANTEE Two Things:​

We have the highest success rates.

After our fee, you will get the highest net proceeds possible from any advisor.