LPS Achieves Higher Practice Values; More Than Doctors Can Alone or with Any Other Advisor.

In 2022, Large Practice Sales engineered over $600 million of partnership transactions for larger General Practice and all dental specialists with Invisible Dental Support Organizations (IDSO). We specialize in IDSO partnership transactions, it’s all we do.

LPS achieves record values for our clients due to a one-of-a-kind process. An LPS client will meet with at least five pre-qualified bidders – and sometimes 10+. Doctors who attempt this process alone or with a smaller advisor will miss out on many prospective partners and do not achieve the highest values.

The three Endo-only [IDSOs] that approached me were all eager and made attractive offers (or so I thought).  LPS brought in six other bidders.  I got 24% more than the high bid I had negotiated by myself.  They earned their fee. – Dr. B.T., Endodontist, Southwest U.S.

In 2022, LPS completed transactions in 29 states with 31 different IDSOs. LPS handles the entire process from identifying qualified partners and negotiating the best deal for you to closing the transaction. The due diligence, audit, legal, employment agreements, leases and the closing process for our clients are handled for you. LPS is paid nothing unless a transaction is completed.

Size and experience matter in finding the best IDSO partner at the highest value for you.

LPS Achieves Higher Practice Values; More Than Doctors Can Alone or with Any Other Advisor.
No Conflicts of Interest. Guaranteed

No Conflicts of Interest. Guaranteed

Unlike other advisors, LPS is never paid by a buyer.

When advisors are paid on both sides of a transaction it causes a conflict of interest, making it difficult to negotiate the highest value for a dental practice. It excludes and limits multiple bidders from the bidding process. ultimately costing a practice millions.

Our unique approach and compensation structure allows us to create bidding contests that are guaranteed to achieve the highest value for your practice.

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