No one tells the story of why LPS is successful in achieving the highest values for our clients better than the clients themselves.  See actual doctors share their experience in having LPS manage their IDSO transaction – and the unique difference only we can make.

We Find the Best IDSO Partners for You

As we begin our journey with our IDSO, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude for helping us find this perfect partner.    As we look back, we recognize this all began with your inspirational webinar that we happened to come across, a little over a year ago.  You certainly did what you promised and did not disappoint, and for that we are very thankful.

Client Testimonials

I tried doing it myself and the best offer I could come up with was $4.4 and you guys got me $9.0 after telling me you could only get me $6.7.

These Doctors are THRILLED With the Results We Provided. You Will be, Too.

50s, Orthodontist, West Coast

1 Location, 1.9x Collections

4 Owners, Dental Trifecta, NE

1 Location, 3.4x Collections

47yo, Single Doc, Pedo
4 locations, 2.0x Collections
Pediatric Dentist
21 locations, 19 doctors.
4 Doctors, Endo Practice
South East – 2.3x Collection
58 Year Old
Orthodontist – 48 Years Old
2x Collections
Ortho, 55+ Single Doc
1 Location, DC Metro, 2x Collections

Oral Surgeon, Upper Mid-West

1 Location, 4.2x Collections

54yo, Endodontist, East Coast

1 Location, 2.3x Collections

50s, Orthodontist, West Coast
1 location, 2.1x Collections

40s, GP, Mid-South

1 Loc, 1.8x Collections

GP Dentist
39 Years Old
50 yo, Single Doc, Endo

Single Location, Western US, 1.5x

Two Doctor

Orthodontic Practice

Orthodontist – Single Doctor
1.3x Collections
50s, Orthodontist, Southeast
2 Locations, 2.3x Collections
Two Doctors GP
1.4x Collections
40s, Orthodontist
6.2x Collections
56 Years Old
Oral Surgery Practice
40+ 1 location, Midwest, 2.25x Collections
2 Docs, 2 Office Carolinas
OMS at 2.2x Collections

Pediatric Dentist, 40+, 1 Doc

1 Location, DC Metro 1.9x Collections

A good rule to remember for life is that when it comes to plastic surgery, sushi, and dental practice advisors, never be attracted to a bargain.

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