No one tells the story of why LPS is successful in achieving the highest values for our clients than the clients themselves. See actual doctors share their experience in having LPS manage their IDSO transaction – and the unique difference only we can make.

IDSO Testimonials

“We sincerely appreciate the quality and time you devote to your clients and processes. You all really standout as a top-notch transaction advisor, which ultimately makes our job easier, and I hope that we do more deals together in 2020.”

EVP, Business Development - Large DSO in the Southwest

“Because LPS is paid only by the doctors, it is clear they have their client’s best interests at heart. However, their literal ownership in the completed transaction ensures that it is fair for all parties. We pay more for LPS advised practices, but we get better doctors and easier transactions.”

Founder, Top 10 DSO

“You guys are a pleasure to work with and truly do bring us the highest quality partners.”

Partner, PE Firm, Invisible DSO specializing in Pedo, Ortho, OMFS

“I cannot express to you enough how appreciative I am of you and your company throughout this process. You have all been nothing but professional, attentive, and respectful throughout this endeavor”

Dr. M. L., Ortho in MidAtlantic

“I will always be grateful for you and your team’s impeccable service and extraordinary support through the process of the sale of my baby. I truly believe that I could not have done it without you!!”

Dr. W.P. Orthodontist in Northeast, (age 49)

Client Testimonials

“Completing a transaction where we were the first acquisition for a new DSO was challenging, but the value achieved was far above what I expected. Thank you for your persistence in getting the transaction closed and your team handled every detail for us. Thank you!”

Dr. R., Orthodontist, Eastern U.S. (age 58)

“LPS found us a great partner that fit my personality perfectly. Our collections have skyrocketed with my new partner. A year later, it is still the best decision I have ever made.”

Dr. J., GP in Southwest (under 40)

“You got us $8,000,000 more than we thought possible. I guess you were right, you do earn your fees!”

Dr. M., Oral Surgeon, Western U.S. (under 40)

“Miraculous. We were with another advisor with signed LOI for $9,000,000. Somehow you extracted us from that deal and achieved $14,000,000+ in value from a great partner. LPS actually buying multiple pieces of practice real estate at the last minute, made the deal possible. Thank you!”

Dr. S., Orthodontist, Western U.S. (40 to 65 doctor ages)

“You guys were amazing. As promised, you more than earned your fees! Put me down as a very happy reference.”

Dr. T., Periodontist, Western U.S. (age 40’s)

“I guess you DO get what you pay for. I was skeptical you could sell my practice at the number you projected. But you did and more. Thank you.”

Dr. B., Orthodontist, Western U.S. (age 60)

Bravo Morgan!!! You are an absolute rock star in our book for digging deep into our numbers and expending several extra measures of effort on our behalf! This is not only a wonderful and exciting bump for our ebitda but also speaks volumes about your skill and resolve to serve your clients. It is so nice to feel like someone really smart is watching out for us and helping us get the best deal possible. Dr B and I (and Matt & Chip) are so fortunate to have you on our team! Amazing job!!!

Dr. J and Dr. B, Western, US

Hi, Chip. I want to introduce you to my brother, Dr. X. He has a booming multi-doctor general dentistry and pedo office in California. I told him how great your team has been to work with and he is interested in discussing things with you.

Specialist Out West

I was shocked at what you were able to do. You doubled my offer I had directly from a DSO.

Southeastern Orthodontist, 50 Year Old
Pediatric Dentist
21 locations, 19 doctors.
4 Doctors, Endo Practice
South East – 2.3x Collection
58 Year Old
Orthodontist – 48 Years Old
2x Collections
Pediatric Dentist, 40+, 1 Doc
1 Location, DC Metro 1.9x Collections
GP Dentist
39 Years Old
50 yo, Single Doc, Endo

Single Location, Western US, 1.5x

Two Doctor

Orthodontic Practice

Orthodontist – Single Doctor
1.3x Collections
Ortho, 55+ Single Doc
1 Location, DC Metro, 2x Collections
Two Doctors GP
1.4x Collections
40s, Orthodontist
6.2x Collections
56 Years Old
Oral Surgery Practice
40+ 1 location, Midwest, 2.25x Collections
2 Docs, 2 Office Carolinas
OMFS at 2.2x Collections