LPS is the Largest IDSO Transaction Advisor to GP and Specialty Dental Practices in the U.S.

Over $1.0 billion of Invisible Dental Support Organization (IDSO) partnerships completed in the last 24 months

Record Values LPS Set in 2023


12.2x EBITDA



10.1x EBITDA














Unique, Expert Advisors.

LPS is by far the largest transaction advisor to dentists of all specialties because we achieve the highest values for clients. Unlike all others, LPS is not paid by the buyers of our clients and we are paid nothing unless a transaction is completed. This unique allegiance only to our doctor clients enables us to create bidding contests among five or more bidders for your practice. The other guys will only show your practice to the buyers who will also pay them a fee. 

We Are Advisor Experts.

IDSO Partnerships for General Dentists & All Specialists

LPS enables dentists of all specialties to monetize a part of their practice value with a silent partner for cash today at today’s low tax rates. Doctors continue as owners leading their practice under the doctor’s brand, team and strategy for years or decades. Doctors gain the resources of a larger partner to grow faster and more profitably and increase the value of their retained ownership, sometimes dramatically.

IDSOs by design act as silent partners with owner doctors. They do not micromanage nor homogenize practices to a corporate standard. All of their partner practices are different, even in the same communities and specialties. Their goal is to partner with great practices, not to change them.



High values for growing ortho practices continue to surprise doctors. LPS has completed over $250,000,000 of ortho/IDSO partnerships in the last 24 months, some above 12x EBITDA.


Oral Surgeons

Over $300,000,000 in IDSO partnerships completed for OMS in the last 24 months.


Pediatric Dental Specialists

LPS has completed over $150,000,000 of pedo/IDSO partnerships in the last 24 months, primarily with Dental Trifecta IDSOs.



There are at least 10 Endo-only IDSOs seeking partners across the U.S. LPS has worked with most of them in multiple transactions.



In the last (5) years, LPS has partnered our multiple periodontic clients with multi-specialty buyers. Today, there are also now four Perio only IDSOs seeking great partners.


General Practice Dentists

GP’s attract the highest number of qualified IDSO bidders. LPS has completed over $150,000,000 of GP/IDSO partnerships in the last 24 months.

Doctors of all ages
are now partnering with IDSOs.

In 2023, LPS completed over $150,000,000 of transactions for doctors under the age of 40. IDSO partnership is a long term wealth building partnership – not a short term TRANSITION strategy. We structure partnerships to meet your personal and business goals. Every transaction is custom.

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Cash now, wealth later.

LPS enables dentists of all specialties to monetize a part of their practice, with a silent partner, for cash at today’s low tax rates.  You still retain 20% to 49% of the overall value of the transaction in the practice or parent IDSO. In doing so, you not only continue to lead your practice but also diversify your largest investment (your practice) and create large upside gains from retaining ownership.


You may be thinking, “Can’t I do this myself?”​ No. Not like we can.

We create bidding contests between potential partners to increase your value and give you more options to choose from for your future partner.

We will get more money for your practice and help you negotiate for the things that are important to you.

We handle all aspects of a transaction from bidding contests to structure, accounting, due diligence, tax planning and legal review.

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We Only Work With the Best

We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t work with just anyone. This goes for private practices as well as the IDSOs. We provide exclusive, white-glove services. See if you qualify.

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Confidentiality is Top Priority

We understand that your practice is your baby. Confidentiality throughout this process is of the utmost importance to us, as we are sure it is to you. Learn more about our process.

Financial Security Now and Years from Now

Financial Security Now and Years from Now

At some point, you will want to monetize your life’s work; your dental practice. Whether that time is now or in the distant future, it will pay to start thinking about it today rather than tomorrow.

Our Team

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Chip Fichtner


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Matt Wilkins


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Michelle Norwood

Principal, Client Development

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Principal, Finance

Client Testimonials

As we begin our journey with Specialty Dental Brands, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude for helping us find this perfect partner.    As we look back, we recognize this all began with your inspirational webinar that we happened to come across, a little over a year ago.  You certainly did what you promised and did not disappoint, and for that we are very thankful.

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Our Mission. Our Focus.

LPS Clients achieve the highest values and net proceeds due to our proven, proprietary bidding process. Our team of 20+ experts manage the entire confidential process from IDSO partner selection through due diligence, QoE, legal and closing.

Ask the little advisors if they have completed over $1 billion of IDSO transactions since 2022 like LPS. Then ask if they get paid by the IDSOs. LPS does not.