Financial Flossing Ep103: Unlock the Value of Dental Practice Transactions

In this episode of the Financial Flossing Podcast, host Ross Brannon sits down with Chip Fichtner, Principal of Large Practice Sales (LPS), to delve into the world of dental practice transactions. Chip has an impressive track record of completing $612 million in transactions in 2022 with 31 Invisible Dental Support Organizations (IDSOs) across 29 states. He shares his expertise in maximizing value in the dynamic dental industry.

Implant Focused Practice Valuations Update 2023

Practices with at least 30% of collections provided by Implant and All on X related cases have more IDSO bidders in 2023 than they did in 2022. There are now at least five Implant IDSOs eager to partner with implant focused practices nationally. This is addition to...