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What if you could monetize your dental practice without losing ownership or autonomy? In the first-ever episode of Practice Partnership, LPS co-founder Chip Fichtner introduces the powerful potential of Invisible DSOs (IDSOs) for dentists seeking long-term wealth and success. We discuss how IDSOs differ (often for the better) from traditional Dental Support Organizations, including their unique partnership strategies and the impact of the current economic climate on practice values.

Chip also delves into the challenges dentists face in recruiting and the role an IDSO partnership plays in providing a path to ownership for associates. He also sheds light on the important criteria for practices to qualify for an IDSO partnership. Finally, don't miss our discussion onĀ  the essential elements of selecting a quality advisor with no conflicts of interest when considering an IDSO partnership.

This first episode is packed with valuable insights for dentists looking to enhance their practice's profitability and future success, so be sure to follow this show wherever you listen to podcasts to get new episodes monthly in your feed.

Large Practice Sales is the largest advisor to GPs and specialists of all kinds seeking to monetize all or part of their practice. If you're interested in learning the potential value of your practice in an IDSO partnership, visit our website or you email us podcast@largepracticesales.com

Chip Fichtner