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In this episode, special guest Dr. Brian Anderson flips the script and interviews LPS co-founder and host Chip about his proven concept of a Dental Trifecta, where an IDSO partners with pediatric, orthodontic and oral surgery practices within the same community. As you listen, you'll learn how the trifecta strategy can drive up internal organic revenue growth, increase practice values and provide resiliency even in turbulent financial times. This conversation is essential listening for all dentists looking to future-proof their practice and maximize their value.

Dr. Anderson is an orthodontist at Foothill Orthodontic Specialists and runs the Orthodontic Pearls Facebook Group, which has over nine thousand ortho members globally.  Brian's also the founder of the Mother of Pearls Conference, held in San Diego October 12th-14th, 2023. You can see Chip present at MOPC on October 13th.

Large Practice Sales is the largest advisor to GPs and specialists of all kinds seeking to monetize all or part of their practice. If you're interested in learning the potential value of your practice in an IDSO partnership, visit our website or you can email us at podcast@largepracticesales.com

Chip Fichtner