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Today on the show, host Chip Fichtner unlocks the top 10 practice attributes to achieve the highest value in an IDSO partnership this year. These essential elements can catapult your business to the forefront of IDSO partnership considerations. 

Whether your practice is in a busy metropolitan city,  the remote countryside, or somewhere in between, this episode will equip you with a blueprint for elevating your practice's value this year. Topics include:

  • Geography – How your practice's location affects your value
  • Practice Growth – The importance of recent success in determining practice value 
  • Doctor Age – Why hiring younger associates is critical for practices run by doctors over 60

Join us for a riveting dialogue brimming with expert insights and actionable tips!

To review the full Top 10 list, head to our blog:  https://largepracticesales.com/blog/top-10-dental-practice-attributes-for-highest-values/

Large Practice Sales is the largest advisor to GPs and specialists of all kinds seeking to monetize all or part of their practice. If you're interested in learning the potential value of your practice in an IDSO partnership, visit our website or you can email us at podcast@largepracticesales.com

Chip Fichtner