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Part 2 of The Dentalpreneur Podcast with Dr. Mark Costes and Chip Fichtner, Principal of Large Practice Sales.

Chip shares valuable insights into the state of the practice transition market, particularly focusing on the rise of Invisible Dental support organizations (IDSOs) and their partnerships with younger doctors. He emphasizes the benefits of these partnerships, such as access to resources for practice growth and the potential for significant equity returns. Chip also discusses the factors that drive dental practice value and offers advice for doctors looking to maximize their practice’s appeal to potential suitors.

This podcast provides a deep dive into the evolving landscape of dental practice transitions and the opportunities available to young doctors seeking to partner with invisible DSOs for long-term growth and success.

Topics include:

  • What makes a dental practice attractive to a buyer?
  • What should be done prior to going to market?
  • View on practice valuations with rising interest rates
  • Prediction on EBITDA multiples with rising interest rates


Chip Fichtner