Practices with at least 30% of collections provided by Implant and All on X related cases have more IDSO bidders in 2023 than they did in 2022. There are now at least five Implant IDSOs eager to partner with implant focused practices nationally. This is addition to the dozens of multispecialty IDSOs. These groups are all eager for OMS, Perio and GP practices with a growing implant practice. OMS and Perio will also attract bids from the single specialty groups for both specialties. There are now 15 OMS only IDSOs and eight Perio-only. 

LPS Starts Another Dental Implant IDSO Partnership

LPS helped start what is now the largest and fastest growing Implant IDSO in Q1 2022 by partnering one of our larger All on X clients with a very successful IDSO investor. We partnered 110 client practices in the previous three years with another IDSO founded by this investor. That unique IDSO generated hundreds of millions in equity gains for its doctor partners (over half of which were LPS clients) in less than 36 months in a $2.0 billion dollar recapitalization in 2022. Contrary to popular belief the investor was not a Private Equity group. LPS even helped recruit some of their senior management team for the investor.  

In addition, a very experienced builder of multiple IDSOs over the last 12 years with which we have partnered a number of LPS clients in their various IDSO platforms over the last 10 years has started an implant focused IDSO. Their previous IDSOs have returned billions of dollars to investors and doctors. 

More Bidders = Higher Values and More Options for Doctors

A larger Implant practice will today have eight to ten or more bidders from all of the IDSO sectors including the OMS and Perio-only IDSOs. Despite bank crashes, inflation and higher interest rates, thanks to the new entrants into the Implant IDSO strategy, LPS clients are achieving more bidders and higher values than in 2022. 

Implant IDSOs Supported by Vendors and Attracting Top-tier Doctors

Implant IDSOs are being supported by the implant vendors with very low pricing and certain exclusivities. The implant manufacturers are eager to support the Implant IDSOs due to their size, growth and superior marketing support for top tier doctors. Many of the largest and most prestigious implant practices have joined the Implant IDSOs. This trend is attracting smaller practices across the country eager to benefit from their lower costs and powerful, proven marketing strategies. Notably, many of these doctors are young and under 50. 

Timing Your Dental Implant Practice Partnership: The Early Bird Gets the Worm

As in all IDSO partnerships, timing is critical. The doctors who join the right IDSOs early in their development will reap the greatest gains on their retained equity. The investors backing some of the Implant IDSOs are exceptionally skilled and have proven experience in quickly monetizing the value of the IDSOs they create. Some LPS clients have already experienced 200% to 500% returns on their equity within 36 months by joining IDSOs backed by some of these investors. 

Other Implant IDSOs will be created in 2023 and LPS will be analyzing their strategies and financial sponsors to understand whether they will qualify as bidders for LPS clients. It is a great time to be an Implant-centric practice if you choose the right partner. 

IDSO Partnership: The Ultimate Exit Option for $2.0 Million+ Collections

If you have a practice with at least $2.0 million in collections, your only ultimate exit option will be IDSO partnership. Your associates can no longer finance buy ins or buy outs if you want to achieve the current high, market values. If you’re looking to explore IDSO partnership opportunities and maximize the value of your implant-focused practice, Contact Us today for expert guidance and support.

Chip Fichtner