Many people (mainly the little dental advisors who are jealous of LPS) do not believe the transaction volumes and values achieved and advertised by LPS. Soooo, we decided to quash our detractors by retaining a Top 5 international accounting/audit firm to confirm my claims of superiority over the little guys nipping like poodles at our heels and getting paid by both doctors and IDSOs.

(LPS is only paid by our clients, the doctors, so that we have no conflict of interest and our goals are aligned.) But in short, the expensive audit revealed that we DID complete $514 million in transactions in the Trailing Twelve Months (TTM).

And yes, the auditors, attest, in writing, that LPS did in fact complete $514 million in transactions in the last 12 months ending 03.31.22 and that LPS has another $657 million in process! To further underscore our value to our clients, we have signed over $600 million of new client value so far in 2022.

The great news about LPS success is not about us, it is the fact that the dental consolidation frenzy is accelerating and LPS is merely the “tip of the spear”.

So much capital is flowing into the industry that doctors have more choices in partnership at higher and higher values. Some of the new startup IDSOs will create 10x values on doctor’s retained ownership interests and of course many of them will not. It takes expert advice to decipher the winners from the losers, and therefore LPS earns its fee.

You cannot successfully complete these transactions and achieve the proper value with the right deal details alone! The list of analogies of why you should choose a specialist is lengthy, but I will close with this one: Would you straighten your own teeth? Do your own root canal? Place your own implant? Probably not; you would hire a specialist. LPS is a doctor’s specialist on doing a “deal” that will impact the rest of their career.

Enjoy the balance of your summer and we would love to speak with you about your unique practice!

Chip Fichtner