LPS Completed over $91,000,000 of Transactions for Happy Clients, YESTERDAY.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Just yesterday, LPS completed transactions for nine very happy clients from Denver to Philadelphia. All were at record values for a total of over $91,000,000. These were primarily ortho clients, but Pedos and Endos closed as well. Yesterday. LPS also closed $49 million in OMFS clients from Utah to North Carolina earlier in June. In total, LPS completed almost $200,000,000 in transactions in the second quarter. The third quarter will be even larger as doctors rush to avoid the upcoming tax increases from multiple states and your friends in Washington.  California will be a big part of our July and August closings where taxes in 2022 could reach almost 60%.

We are urging dentists of all specialties to start the LPS process NOW to understand the current value of your practice in an IDSO partnership. It starts with a confidential, 20 minute call with me and ends with a FREE, no obligation, market valuation of your practice. In the worst case you will learn something new and have the data necessary to decide if you want to pursue monetizing a part of your life’s work with a silent IDSO partner. The dental practice consolidation trend is accelerating like a Tesla. Fast.

Closing a transaction by the end of 2021 is critical and could mean a multi-million dollar difference in your net, after tax proceeds. To close in 2021, you MUST start in July. Please contact us by phone, email or text. We are available 24×7.

Chip Fichtner