One of the benefits of the right Invisible DSO as your new silent partner is that they are highly motivated to enhance the growth of your practice via synergies with other practices in which they have invested in or will invest in your area. Three recent examples of $1,000,000+ practice growth due to synergies from a new partner:

  1. An OMFS client partnered with a group which owned a nearby orthodontist which was NOT referring to him now. Due to his new silent partner, he will pick up over $1.0 million in referrals. Since he retained a significant interest in his practice, this will increase his income each year.
  2. An orthodontist client will pick up about 1000 new case starts from the five nearby pedo practices owned by his new partner. This is in the range of $5.0 million of new production per year.
  3. Another OMFS group will benefit from new offices they will build and operate within the footprint of 10+ ortho practices their new partner is acquiring in the same state.

Not only did these doctors achieve higher initial values (cash in their pockets for the part of their practices they sold) but they will also achieve more rapid growth and increased profitability from synergies with the partner’s other affiliated doctors in the area. This will drive up their annual dividends on their retained practice ownership.

Chip Fichtner