The #1 Best Recapitalization in History is Coming This Month (by Multiple of EBITDA)

While #2 achieved almost a $2.0 billion dollar recap value after 30 years, the new #1 will achieve over $2.0 billion in about 36 months. And yes, LPS did partner them with over 100 offices in the last 34 months.

Call me in late August and I will tell you the full story of this IDSO, their minority partner transaction and the sheer joy of the dozens of doctors we partnered with this group in the last 34 months (over 110 offices).

This is a story about a Dental Trifecta® and the measurable power of captive referral networks. If you want to hear all of the amazing details, let’s set up a call. Contact Lauren at 844-976-5332.

Chip Fichtner