The Dental Trifecta IDSO space is relatively uncrowded and can achieve rapid growth due to partnering with three specialties, instead of only one. These two new IDSOs are both regionally focused. Like the OMS above, I predict one wins, one does not, very specific strategy reasons.

Dental Trifectas (DT) are about to become the hottest segment of dental practice consolidation. The news item about the #1 highest valued IDSO will explain why in more detail. The two new DT IDSOs that called us last week looking for new partners are very different. One has no money and a group of DT qualified practices under Letter of Intent (LOI) and looking for money to back them. The other new DT IDSO has a multibillion-dollar PE firm with billion+ dollar recent experience in Dental Consolidation. Who will you bet on?

Chip Fichtner